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Check out a few Testimonials from the recent retreat where we completed the first three levels of Soul Field Therapy.

Why Soul Field Therapy - and Access to the Hidden Realms?


"For anyone not sure whether SFT (Soul Field Therapy) is right for you, I can offer my support!  Doing SFT - it’s like getting 20 years of therapy in a couple of hours!  For me, it was an awakening that was totally unexpected.  I went to places I did not know existed and healed pain I was prepared to live with the rest of my life. I was deeply moved and touched by what I experienced.  Even well after a soul field therapy session, I find myself in a peaceful place of acceptance and spaciousness for some really difficult life situations.  But be prepared to laugh and cry... maybe more crying but totally worth it! ;) "  Kimberly Fleming

By expanding your awareness you will become connected to the deeper totality of consciousness. From this place you will be able to not only heal but bring through inventions, music, new science, in fact anything from the multi-dimensions to help your passion and creativity.

This is not possible if you have any unconscious emotions from your lifetimes blocking you. The aim is to heal and get a pure and uninterrupted connection to the dimensions.

Is it time to lay down your traumas and uncover the emotional energy of your personal problems that has drained your energy for too long? - are you ready to open up to the real multidimensional you and get real transformation from within?


There are 5 main processes we can do together - the first three lay the foundations


Core Soul Field Therapy

In session 1 you will experience the worlds first energy healing practice that lets you access your own Soul records to clear relationship traumas from this life. 

There are two key reasons for doing Soul Field therapy - the first is to internally clear yourself so that you can more easily access the multidimensions and secondly to kick start the healing process of any past emotional wounds.



The Body Fields - Kick Starting Healing

In session 2 we look at clearing your internal body of trauma. The more clearing you can do the more room you will have to potentially move your consciousness into the multidimensions and see for yourself what is really going on. 

During Soul Field Therapy 2 we start to access current lifetime emotional issues stuck in the body. Once these are made conscious, you will transform your EMOTIONAL AND THOUGHT soul fields.

This can ultimately make the room for you to access the multidimensions by clearing your inner sight e.g. This can lead to; accessing to your Spirit Guides, contacting loved ones and pets that have passed, having an OBE, understand telepathy, seeing the future and much more.


Many incarnations - Many Past Lives

In session 3 we go deeply into your past lives.

This can lead to healing the soul group you have incarnated with through your own past life healing.

We can get to past life traumas and even look at stuck superconscious issues that are the most powerful type of past life trauma. Superconsciousness is when a person is trying to experience divine feelings or any connection to a higher consciousness. If we can recover our past life and all subsequent emotional experiences together with problems with god or divine power, then it is possible to integrate them into your being today. 

Our soul fields hold our primary memory bank. It's always possible to get to a past life but part of the reason we sometimes can't remember our past lives easily is that there is often a personal motivation to forget our struggles and we don't want to experience the deep emotions that they may bring up.

We repeatedly incarnate in order to resolve these soul memories and at this time in our personal and planetary evolution many souls are confronting these issues.

Soul Field Therapy helps to accelerate and resolve any unfinished business.

Are you getting a yearning, a desire to live with a higher vibrational frequency within the purest clearest world of harmony, someone healed and highly conscious?

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What Soul Field Therapy & Access can do for you

In addition to the three core levels - there are two advanced levels you can complete.

The three core levels are usually done before we do the advanced levels;
Soul Field Therapy one - The core. Getting to deep current emotional issues. This could be triggered by stress, abuse while young, austerity, censorship, authority figures, abuse by any member of the population and more
Soul Field Therapy two - accessing emotions stuck in the body kickstarting the healing process
Soul Field Therapy three - Past life Emotions. These are the deepest that you carry between incarnations

The advanced levels include;

Soul Field Therapy four (advanced) Accessing your life between lives. How you set up your next incarnation
Soul Field Therapy five - Raising your Kundalini Energy

What you are doing now you have actually taken lifetimes to create and understand. You have created all your past lives consciously and from a place of non-judgment knowing the bigger plan.

By using your Soul, within the five Soul Field Therapy levels, it is possible to kick start your healing process and make room for expanding your awareness. You will become connected to the deeper totality of consciousness. From this place you will be able to not only heal but bring through inventions, music, new science, in fact anything from the multi-dimensions to help your passion and creativity.

This therapy helps you to uncover all your current and past life aspects of your soul that can then be integrated into your current personality. It's important to discover the patterns and emotional extremes of any life especially the things you cannot face. This helps to free your Soul and you're able to exercise a conscious divine will. By doing this work you will begin to feel an uninterrupted connection to the totality of consciousness and you will never need to hold onto mediocrity but embrace your infinite passion and creativity. 

Because you are here from many lifetimes and thousands of years and also just in the moment it is possible to connect to past lives as if they are in the present.

It is not possible for humanity to move to a new evolutionary state unless we simultaneously engage in the emotional and multidimensional work from this and our past lives.


Fearing going up in vibrations and expanding your consciousness

The reason a few people get stuck in past life access is due to the fear of their deep powerful mystically based past life emotions. These deep emotional traumas held in their soul fields are often attributed to experiences with higher vibrations and interactions with the totality of consciousness from a past life.

An important area to focus on is recovery of our past lives and all subsequent emotional experiences and problems with divine power. These are critical to integrate when they manifest. If this happens you have the opportunity to change beyond recognition. Your emotional burden is released and you open to more awareness, wisdom and creativity.

So drop your intellect, your deeper mind knows the answers and don't forget past lives frequently open unexpectedly.

You may doubt whether these past lives are for real. Do not try to realistically figure it out instead look for patterns of problems and emotions. The problem only goes when we reach an emotion and change. Throughout everything other defences such as I am unworthy, guilt or I have low self-esteem stops people going forward. When people finally integrate their spiritual experiences it is done mostly through understanding deep past life emotions. Fear of spiritual power is universal so to getting into high-states of vibration is very important. 

You will be shown how to bring forth your own past lives and the emotional experiences associated with them.


Do we really want divine power at our command?

To understand our soul evolution it's important to realise that the soul holds all its past lifetimes in the now. Therefore what happened 5000 years ago is not 5000 years apart from the present, it is now, here, in the present time which is why it's very effective to do past life emotional healing. The soul is immortal but it is also evolving. To uncover our immortal past life traumas within the soul is something we all do through reincarnation. By using the Soul Field Therapy processes you will accelerate in reaching the highest level of evolution and that is to experience our true conscious awareness and our divine mystical human body simultaneously.

Your expansion in consciousness needs nursing, negotiating, it cannot be forced. Do not expect any help from the scientific or religious world because in most of their reductionist worldview there is no place for mysticism or reincarnated lifetimes and this needs to change.

Your first responsibility is to yourself. As you elevate your divine potential you will elevate others around you by them simply being in your presence.

Within your Soul memories you have the knowledge of why you are in the worlds today. You need to reach a place of non-forgiveness within yourself about this. This is going to take some work on shifts of perspective but should not take you long. In fact, this is going to be one of your biggest breakthroughs because in this moment you may not be in the state of understanding that there is nothing to forgive. There is usually still judgment because you are judging yourself. You need to understand the bigger picture and why you did what you did over thousands of years of lifetimes with humanity which has lead to this pivotal moment where your own healing and awakenings can happen.

This is why you need to do the work on healing yourself and reaching the place of non-forgiveness. It is through this therapy process you will change from the inside and through this method you will actually cause the wider structure of society to change.

You also need to know you have had soul agreements with everyone you have (and are) interacting with. Ultimately, it is just one being knowing itself through the myriad of different frequencies.

Getting started is easy and exciting - within your Soul memories lies your infinite passion and creativity.

About James

James is a Futurist Entrepreneur, Speaker and Energy Worker. He is the former CEO of a software company which helped to create part of the early internet. After extensively learning energy work over the last 22 years he felt many current transformational modalities missed the key element behind real transformation. He subsequently created the Soul Field Therapy energy process - an exciting new therapy that gets to the heart of helping you to experience the many dimensions of consciousness. In the 90's he was able to experience different dimensions, then through an increase in his natural creativity he listed his company on the stock market in the Dotcom era. This is important because a greater multidimensional awareness was made possible. He subsequently travelled the world and experienced Healing, Mysticism, Cutting Edge Energy Science and many other Multidimensional experiences. His new Soul Field Therapy integrates unique knowledge about the dimensions and our soul fields that is ultimately about helping your transformational journey as part of your true evolutionary growth in consciousness.

“By doing the Soul Field Therapy type work in the 90's I was able to get into my entrepreneurial creativity which helped to develop my software company from a start up with no money to a listing on the stockmarkets. Along the way I was also able to help many others to experience the dimensions.

Through this proccess, you will learn to feel and think differently. It was the only way I was able to get out of being in a perpetual state of overwork, stress and frustration.

This is the most important work I have ever done".







Frequently asked Questions 

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

What happens in a session?

I will start out by listening to you – whatever is on your mind. This deep listening is important for me to start your process in the right place and address the most important issues.

What do I need to do?

After our discussion, you will be relaxing most of the time. You will be given a video or audio copy of the session for future reference.

How do I book and pay?

Payment is required at booking. Use the booking calendar on this page. Click on the date and time you want and a pop-up happens where you can put in your payment details – either your credit or debit card or Paypal. The system will send you the Zoom link to use at the correct time with reminders near the appointment time.

Is this a medical consultation

No, this is not a medical consultation. However, the therapy may result in the resolution of many problems. I may also draw on my scientific knowledge to explain concepts.

What do I need?

You will need a computer with a webcam and to download a program called Zoom. The link will be given to you in an email. I will help you with this if you are having problems. It is very easy to do. 

How will I feel?

You will feel emotional sensations or releasing.  It is advisable to drink plenty of water during the session and not to rush about afterwards.

What happens next?

After our initial discussion, I will help you to get into a relaxed state and then I will start to work with you in a deeper meditative type state.

Can I get a refund?

If you need to cancel your appointment you will be refunded. Once you have had a live session, refunds cannot be given as it is an in-person service. See full terms and conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

That is dependent on the situation. Anywhere between 1-3 sessions are usually recommended.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience transformational shifts and deep multidimensional experiences. I have never seen adverse side effects but If this happens to you please get in touch with a medical professional and/ or myself as is appropriate.

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