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Soul Journey the Movie

Embark on a profound comedic Spiritual Odyssey, exploring the depths of your Soul's Journey through life and deaths transformative experiences.

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James invites you to explore deeper into the realms of creativity and innovation with his multidimensional comedy movie about the journey of our souls.

So listen up - the initial storyboard has been crafted & the graphics & music themed . We stand at the threshold of the next phase in our cinematic venture poised to plunge deeper into the realms of creativity and innovation & your expertise is very welcome to bring this vision to life!

"As a pioneering film maker who has birthed some of the most groundbreaking documentaries and movies, I am well acquainted with the rigours of bringing a monumental project to fruition. The journey ahead has been made so much easier after the launch of so many brilliant new AI movie companies".

Our movie is not just comedy entertainment – it is a vessel of truth, a beacon of light guiding us through the mysteries of existence. Say goodbye to lingering fears about the great unknown, for we shall unravel the secrets of near-death experiences, traverse the hidden realms, and confront the enigma of AI's future with a brush of comedy.

James, previously a luminary in the realm of AI, offers a perspective like no other. With a keen eye for innovation and a knack for traversing dimensions, he unveils the unseen tapestry of the human soul. Prepare to witness the first-ever accurate portrayal of your soul's journey – a fun spectacle that transcends individuality to embrace the collective evolution of humanity.

So come forth, fellow adventurers! Join us in the final phase of 'Soul Journey,' a multidimensional cosmic comedy like no other. Feast your eyes on the storyboard and trailer below, and brace yourselves for an odyssey that promises laughter, enlightenment, and a renewed sense of purpose.

It's not just a movie – it's a soul-stirring experience that will leave you forever changed.

The following is a short teaser and storyboard for the main movie & is currently submitted into the Runway Gen-2 AI movie fesival.

We can achieve the most amazing movie by doing the creative work together.

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  • Free video streaming of the above Trailer and song
  • e-book (pdf) extracts of James new book 'The Business Mystic - A CEO's journey to Soul Intelligence'
  • Free access to the Music (Mp3) download
  • PDF of original Soul visualisation GRAPHICS working with Kyle Lambert
  • Free - James' LIVE talk at AV7 (conference fee normally £150)
  • Digital access to behind the scenes (as released)

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  • Lifetime viewing of Completed movie when released (Downloadable) 
  • Module 14 from James sensational 'Hidden Knowledge masterclass course'  (50 mins)
  • e-book (pdf) extracts of James new book 'The Business Mystic - A CEO's journey to Soul Intelligence'
  • Estimated Shipping immediate for course module 2024/25 for movie

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  • For £5,000 or more (approx $6,300 USD)- Everything in FREE GIFT 1, & Offers 2 &
  • An invite to the world premier of 'Soul Journey - The Movie'.  Red carpet and after screening party. Access will be virtually or in person.
  • A sponsor will receive an exclusive “Presenting Sponsor” page in the final credits.
  • You will receive an digital high-quality photograph of the completion wrap up on set, signed by James Gordon Graham.
  • Half hour discussion with James via zoom to discuss how your 'Sponsers Page' contribution will be used in the movie. It is also an opportunity to ask how James how he moved his consciousness into the dimensions to see the Soul.
  • Estimated Shipping - immediate access for full 14 module course. Movie and others - as released.

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Financial goals & transparency through live Financial updates

Current 10 year spend £1,226,000 GBP by internal artists & backers on 1 Feb 2024

Crowd funding additional stretch goal £125K

Receive lifetime free gifts, online courses + e-books & more.

To finish the movie off we will be using the very latest in A.I. movie production techniques giving a look and feel that supersedes Hollywood quality for a fraction of the cost.



Afterlife evidence and proof

The science of the afterlife

Cross-cultural views on the afterlife

Afterlife and consciousness

Spiritual awakening journey

A.I. and the human soul

This movie will help you to understand the secrets you have chosen for your soul's purpose, forge a profound spiritual connection, and nurture your human spirit guiding you through a path of spiritual growth.

See what your soul actually looks like and learn how James managed to move into a deep meditative vibration that opened him to a frequency of consciousness that houses the human soul.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of the soul as you explore the depths of your being, align your feelings, mind, body, and soul, and unveil the mysteries that lie within.

The movie will elevate your consciousness with plot lines that understand the importance of becoming conscious of emotions, thoughts, behaviours and perceptions...

...leading to your ability to create anything by projecting creative thought forms powered by your emotional bliss. 

You truly have been given the greatest gift


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Soul Journey the Movie

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